Lampshade Making (continued)

So, continuing with my playing with lampshades, I ended up making this. Isn’t it cute!! I will give you a rough idea of what I did

lampshade BIG


I wanted to use cork and chose the self adhesive 1mm thick cork – easier to roll. Using the 20cm set of lampshade rings I cut the cork to length (bit of maths involved here 2πr so 2 x 3.14 x radius). Add about 2 cm on for the overlap. Then I decided how tall I wanted the lampshade to be and marked it all out on the back and cut to size. Stick this cork to the Stik-it and cut to size.

lampshade 1

Off we go. I wanted to cut holes in the cork to let the light out and used the offcuts to stick randomly onto the outside of the cork. I thought that it would be nice to overlap the holes so that the shadows cast a moon shape.Lampshade 2

Next, I grunged up. Just using acrylic paint and screwed up paper, I dabbed random patches of paint around.DSC_0077

Then I really went to town. I have got a thing about burning copper so I used a small blow torch and heated a scrap piece of thin copper. I got some stunning colours. Then I took small pieces and cut them with some lovely butterfly dies. I continued adding all sorts of things until I was happy with the shade. I am delighted with my first attempt at lampshades.

Have a go, it is so easy!

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